Where to find HoH-friendly face masks?

Have you also seen the posts about transparent face masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing all across social media? Sounds perfect, right? Problem solved, lip reading restored? At least our newly founded Accessibility committee was not convinced. It doesn't help to see them online while you and your surroundings do not have access to them. Knowing clear face masks exist doesn't help you when talking to someone that wears a normal mask.

To make it easier for you to convince your friends, your workplace or doctors to wear one of these masks, the committee created a comprehensive resource of links and contacts to purchase them in your own country. Here you can access the document -> link

Great thanks to the Accessibility committee including Raph Torralba (Philippines), Le Peng Tee (Malaysia), Sey Rubén Rodríguez (Bolivia), Irina Ivanova (Russia) and Bowen Tang (Canada) for their effort. Do you like their work? Consider joining them by sending an email to accessibility.ifhohyp@gmail.com.

You still need to convince someone that lip reading is important for you and therefore you need them to wear these masks? Show them our YouTube video that highlights the importance of lip reading -> link

Ediz Tekok