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As an individual you will receive updates about our activities and have a chance to participate in our own events as well as webinars and workshops of our partner organisations such as European Youth Foundation (EYF) or UN.

Individual membership is for hard of hearing young people between 18-35 living in countries with no member organisation or no hard of hearing organisation at all. If you are member of one of our member organisations, you do not require and individual membership.
Signing up doesn’t take long. Just fill out this form, we will check if you meet the criteria and then confirm your membership. We are looking forward to having you in IFHOHYP!


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Our committees are a great opportunity to bring in your own voice and action to change the world for Hard of Hearing young people. We are always looking for more volunteers.

Find more information about our committees here: /committees/

If you have any questions regarding the committees, please contact us at and one of us will get back to you.



If you have any questions regarding the committees, please contact us at and one of us will get back to you.


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IFHOHYP has, since I joined in 2014, brought me lots of joy and unforgettable memories. I have not only found friends that understand how it is to be a young HOH, but also found friends for life. IFHOHYP has presented me with opportunities to keep on developing on both a personal and professional level, in a very inclusive way. It is a place for people that want to keep on developing and want to keep on raising awareness of young HOHs existence. Wherever in the world we, in IFHOHYP, meet, I feel at home.

A close-knit community that extends beyond your country’s borders and an opportunity to make an impact, both personally and professionally, on an international scale are some of what is in store for you with IFHOHYP. The best part, lifelong friendships with people who understand you best.