Study Session 2021: Call for Participants


Ladies and gentlemen, we know how long you have been waiting for this moment: for opening the registration to Study Session 2021. Now we, the Study Session prep team, are proudly announcing that from now on you can apply to be a part of fantastic, interactive, summer workshops organized by International Federation for Hard of Hearing Young People (IFHOHYP) and the Council of Europe Youth Department.

What’s the topic? -> We’ll focus mainly on improving your leadership as an advocate for better hearing accessibility!

Who? Of course YOU, if you’re between 18 and 35 years of age & hard of hearing

Where? -> due to You-Know-What our Study Session will be held online on a video conferencing platform, of course with support of palantypists (and automated captions in case of working in breakout rooms)

When? -> 5-9th July 2021, oriented in Central European Time Zone. Don’t expect to just lay on sofa and sleep during session, we’re going to make you work hard and have a lot of fun by using games, team works and other interactive tools!

Deadline for sending your application: May 31st, 24.00 CET. Accepted applicants will get confirmation by Sunday, June 6th via email. We have very limited amount of spots, so don’t wait too long, apply now.

We’re looking forward to your applications and can’t wait to see you in July on our screens!

3…2…1… START! *click*

All information can be found in the application form here (please read it carefully): If you have any questions to us, please don’t hesitate to ask us here: or or in the comments.

Maria Skoczyńska