Pavel on Digital Leadership event for HoH young people

See what our member Pavel was up to recently: On November 23rd he joined a large-scale event "Generation KI.SA" in Moscow presented by SAP Digital Leadership Center. KI.SA is a whole commercial project that in Russian means Cochlear Implants & Hearing Aids (KI.SA=CI.HA). This meeting aimed for creating an offline and online platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals, deaf/HoH celebrities, and parents of kids with hearing loss. Many different perspectives were highlighted such as of representative of SAP Digital Leadership Center, of legendary Soviet Deaf/HoH therapist (Emilia Ivanovna Leonhard), parents of kids with disabilities and professionals from Sonova/Phonak.

As a result of the project, a platform was created, where you can find useful content, search for people with relevant experiences presented on the internet or during offline meetings. Pavel Novikov, our member, was a part of this project - you can find him on the KI.SA platform! Check it out with the link below.

It’s always worthy to keep going - just to see how brilliantly things develop around us and how the quality of life of people with hearing loss is slowly increased!

Landing page (in Russian):

Leonie von Berlin