Meet the new Board of 2021

The record breaking AGM2020 with up to 60 participants is over. Thanks to everyone for their patience, it truly was a challenge. But we learned so much and were happy to see you again! We hope you enjoyed it too!

And now we are pleased to present you the new/old Board and some updates:
Meet the Board:
- President Bowen: Re-elected for his second term
- Vice President Leonie: Former Board member, was elected into VP position
- Treasurer Mikael
- Secretary Paulina
- Board Member Kave
- Board Member Moses: Was promoted from his position as Vice Board Member
- Vice Board Member Pavel: Was elected into his positions
Congrats to Bowen, Leonie, Moses and Pavel for their new/old positions! See for more information

IFHOHYP has confirmed 7 committees, almost all of which are looking for new members:
- Accessibility: Irina, Sey, Milan, Le Peng, Raph + new Members (Rui Xuan, Aron)
- Fundraising: Camilla, Ece
- Member Information and Communication (MIC): Karolina, Ediz, Maria, Keegan, Jeanine, Tatia
- Policy: Hanna, Emir
- Strategic planning: Andrei, Pavel
- Study session: Nicole, Andrei, Mastulah, Maria, Kevin
- Nomination: Paulina, Moses
Congrats to the Committees for their successful work. See for more information

Upcoming events:
- Study Session 2021: In-place Study Session in Budapest was cancelled, there will be an online event
- Summercamp 2021: Summercamp 2021 in Canada is changing to a shortened online event. More details to follow.
Let’s hope the pandemic is over and we will meet in person again soon. Find more information to events here:

Leonie von Berlin