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Hello, dear Rasmus. Can you tell us few words about yourself?
Hello everyone, my name is Rasmus Draklander and lives in Mölndal, Sweden. Located right south from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. I am 33 years old and lives in an apartment. I like to travel, read books, paint, or just hanging out with friends. I work at a group home for people with

As we know, you decided to became the politican. Why?
I felt that I wanted to be able to influence the policy of my experience and thought mainly to people with disabilities and LGBT has received too little space in the living policy. So instead of sitting at home and talk about it I might as well go in and influence policy.

What type of political has your country got? Which politican did you become in this system?
Sweden is governed today by a government consisting of Social Democrats and the Green Party. In my home town so I am sitting in a majority government controlled by Social Democrats, the Left Party, the Green Party and the Christian Democrats. My role in the whole thing, I sit as a council member and as I sit even in the Social and Labour Commenttee as a replacement.

What hearing loss do you have? Can you describe it in such way that foreign readers over the world could understand it.
I have hearing loss in both ears. On the left ear almost severe hearing loss and right ear, I have a slight hearing loss. Left I hear almost no bass or treble sound but the right ear I hear no bass. I use hearing aids on both ears.

As we know, you are hard of hearing. If you became the politican, you will contact with hearing people too.
Many of them prefer to use phone or speak but not write or sms. What helped you to think that hearing issue will not became the barrier to you in your work?
I don´t have contact with so many people who are hearing impaired or deaf people who contact me because I am a politician. If they take contact with me, I ask often if they have a email. Because is more easier to answer when i can give a right answer. If someone really want to speak in phone then i used
a appliance. But otherwise it is email that comes when I usually have other things to do.

How did you convinced people that they can trust you despite your hearing loss?
I have not needed to convince people that they can trust me because I have a hearing loss .

Which difficulties related your hearing loss do you meet in your work?
In Sweden, we have a great team named Municipal Act that says that those who have a disability have the right to participate as everyone else on their terms. I can tell them that I want to have hearing loops in all rooms as I stay or I want to have sign language interpreters. Depends entirely on what I feel most
comfortable in.

Then I do not use a hearing loop, but I’m using sign language interpreters so I feel no direct difficulties. The only thing that can get a little dicey, is that sometimes you can not keep sign language interpreters with what is said, as I sometimes say no to at a time may speak. Then usually people often sharpen their.

What do you advice specifically to people with hearing loss who are striving to become the politician?
Find out if there are specific laws or rights that are geared toward people with disabilities. If not, you fight until you feel you are satisfied with the response. For in the end, so maybe there is a law or right that you make progress.

Would you like to add more things?
Tell from the beginning that you have a hearing loss, huh honest with yourself and against the other.
For you come far with honesty, which benefits all parties. Speak out if you do not keep up, because if you sit there quietly and nod so people may think that you are not so strong drive. And never let your hearing loss to become a barrier, because it’s not your fault if they dont understand you.

So if you have anymore questions, be free and take contact with me if you want. Send just a email :). sb.rasmus@gmail.com

Rasmus Draklander

Ediz Tekok

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