IFHOHYP Study Session 2021

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we have exciting news for you! Ready?
/loud trumpets and fanfares in the background/

Save the date from March 8th to 13th for IFHOHYP Study Session 2021 in Budapest!
The IFHOHYP Study Session Committee would like to invite you to the CoE Youth Center in Budapest to learn about advocating for human rights as leaders. Are you curious who is part of this Fantastic Five Team that will lead you through this session? Let us introduce these daredevils:
Nicole Leung, please give applause to this Canadian who always has creative, bubbly and thoughtful ideas!
- Andrei Mare, a Romanian man who has many secrets in his bottomless bag of Things-You-Should-Know and is ready to reveal them all during Study Session (not only how to be a decent vampire!),
- Mastulah Nalubwama, our new friend from Uganda with her valuable African perspectives of the world
- Maria Skoczyńska, Miss Troublemaker who is always messing up but eagerly wants to learn something along with you and cannot wait for this amazing experience,
- Aaaand last but of course not least, Kevin Wieser, Swiss gentleman who is our brilliant "Voice of Reason", ready to set everything up and make it work like a Swiss watch. 🙂 

More details will come soon… Stay tuned!
Who will join those daredevils in their crazy journey through human rights and HoH leaders?

Karolina Blaszka