IFHOHYP Represented at IGF

The more we talk about our needs, the better awareness will be, right? Every person that speaks up for the hard of hearing community counts!

That’s why we’re so glad to see IFHOHYP’s Secretary, Paulina Lewandowska, present at a session organized by The Internet Governance Forum at 6th of November 2020. Participants  listened to the explanation of the issues of remote online participation and accessibility for hard of hearing people during such events. We found it extremely important and wanted to show you that everyone of us matters when it comes to advocating for ourselves.

Do you see yourself as a leader or speaker during this kind of event too? Do you want to learn how to do so? If yes, then we have a reminder for you: 12 days left to apply for our Study Session, dedicated to advocating for our rights and leadership while being hard of hearing!

Maria Skoczyńska