Hear2Stay is an awareness campaign idea conceived by participants at the 11th IFHOHYP study session held in Budapest in 2017. It aims to highlight that hard of hearing people can lead full lives when they have access to technologies and services including captioning and palantyping. The campaign primarily takes place on social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, where pictures and stories of hard of hearing people participating in various activities are posted. They can range from attending classes, work meetings to rock climbing, scuba diving, and so on. Hear2Stay gives us the chance to raise our voices and show the world that there is a rising need for affordable hearing assistive technologies and services for hard of hearing people.

If you are a deaf or hard of hearing person, join in and share your experiences with the world using #hear2stay in your posts!  You can check the shared photos and stories in the following social media links:



Ediz Tekok