Have you been shy about your hearing loss?

Have you ever been shy and hesitant about your hearing loss? Have you ever tried to hide the fact you wear hearing aids or even tried to cope without having any hearing device just out of shame? Did you change your mind?

Mariam Darbaidze started vlogging about hearing loss in her native language. But she wants to spread the awareness and break the shame or taboo around hearing aids by creating an international project.

What about taking a max. 1 minute long video (you can record it with your phone!) and tell what do hearing aids mean to you? What kind of association do you have about hearing aids, what do they give you and so on! The collections of all videos will be uploaded on Facebook and Youtube. It is not obliged to speak in English, you can speak in your native languages too... but then please provide written text in English so that we all can understand 😀

If you want to raise the awareness, please send your video to Mariam: mardarbaidze@gmail.com

With our words, our stories we can change the mind of our hard of hearing people who are still ashamed of wearing hearing aids and struggling to get it. Let’s do it!

Maria Skoczyńska