Day 1 of AGM2020

We hit the peak number of participants (up to 60 participants!) in the history, in the first part of our Annual General Meeting yesterday! There was an opportunity to present our committees - Accessibility, Fundraising, Member and Information, Policy and lastly, Study Session. Our president Bowen introduced our upcoming strategic planning afterwards. Then we had the chance to get know closer our candidates for Vice-president Leonie and President Bowen where the audience asked questions about expectations, future plans.
Today AGM starts with the official part to present Annual Report, Financial Report, Auditor's Report and finally with the Election of the Officers of the Board. Tune in at 18:00 if you are registered to participate in the livestream! We also have Joanna who volunteered to post live stories in our Instagram account during the AGM if you missed the chance to register! 🙂

Leonie von Berlin