Covered faces

Learn how it is to deal with the face mask problem as HoH nurse at the front line of the pandemic!

Our IFHOHYP member Nicole (organisation CHHA YAN from Canada), has been interviewed about her work as nurse by the Waterfront Center for Communication Accessibility in Canada.
From her we learn that face masks are not only limiting her ability to lipread but also to emotionally connect with her patients and colleagues. Every day is different from the other, imposing many new challenges on her. For example, she needs to consider how to bring into and change hearing aid batteries in the sterile hospital area or how to use her help devices such as Roger pens contactless.

Of course this leaves her exhausted in the evenings. Despite all the hard work, she is still active in IFHOHYP, helping to plan the next study session. IFHOHYP is very proud of here resilience to do her important, life-saving work in such a challenging environment! Have a look into Nicole’s everyday work life as HOH nurse and read the full interview here:

Ediz Tekok

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