The Annual General Meeting is the formal decisive authority within IFHOHYP and is generally held once every calendar year, typically in the fall, though subject to change. The budget, policies, and projects involving the organization are discussed and put to a vote. The location of the meeting changes annually,with a different member organization serving as the host in its home country.

Capacity Training Programs

Our Study Sessions are organized in cooperation with the Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sport, in which the objective was for participants to work on important themes concerning hard of hearing young people and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations. Furthermore, equivalent programs are provided through participation in activities hosted by other institutions (e.g. UN CRPD Train the Trainers Program, Youth Council of Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities). It is through these non-formal educational and training experiences, we provide opportunities for development to encompass personal, socio-educational, and professional areas. Active leaders can share their experiences from their work in home organizations and learn from the work of others.
Participants will also acquire competence, which they can apply to their own development. Ultimately, through our educational activities, our members will:
1. Build self-confidence and develop a positive attitude towards their unique identities in the larger society
2. Identify their rights and needs for access in order for full inclusion in the larger society
3. Employ strategies to advocate for the rights and needs to be included in the larger society


In cooperation with a member organization, IFHOHYP supports the coordination of a camp in the summertime. The purpose of such activity is to unite hard of hearing young people worldwide and engage in rich conversations about their diverse and unique experiences. They will also explore the environment and discover the cultural values of the host country. Similar to the AGM, the location of the camp is rotated between interested member organizations each year.