We have ambitious goals and to reach them we need YOUR SUPPORT: Our mission is to support the development of a future global society where hard of hearing young people have equal opportunities, with appropriate support, to be integrated into the community and viewed as contributing members. In short, our goal is to build access and social inclusion for hard of hearing young people. For that cause, we aim to raise 10.000 €.

The collected money will be handled by IFHOHYP’s treasurer who will ensure that the donation will exclusively be used to one or more of the following purposes:
- Accessibility services such as speech-to-text interpreters: Speech-to-text interpreters cost about 600€/webinar, and the plan is to organize a minimum of 4 each year, so our goal is to raise at least 2400€
- Promotional video: raising awareness about the benefits and importance of being part of the hearing loss community, approximate cost 2000€
- Travel funds for IFHOHYP volunteers to provide capacity building in developing countries
- Travel funds for individuals from low-income countries to join international activities

Our bank information:
Name of Bank: ING Bank N.V.
IBAN / Account Number: NL73 INGB 0009 5488 41
The name on your bank account: SH-JONG / IFHOHYP
Your postal address: Randhoeve 221, 3995 GA HOUTEN, The Netherlands

Thank you so much for donating to a great cause, changing hard-of-hearing peoples’ lives since 1968.

Leonie von Berlin