AGM 2018 – Istanbul

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Start Time
09:00 PM
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Finish Time
07:00 PM
Sunday, November 04, 2018

Our AGM 2018 is taking place on 31st October to 4th November, hosted by our member organization, İşitme Engelliler ve Aileleri Derneği (IED) in Istanbul, Turkey. The location is chosen for its uniqueness as a transcontinental city bridging Europe and Asia. This aligns with the theme of the conference “Combine our Powers for a stronger HoH Bridge”, which aims to bring both existing and potential members to further the vision in expanding IFHOHYP’s scope beyond the Western part of the globe.

Deadline to register is July 31st! Be sure to send in your registration form (see attached links below).

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Full details about the program will be provided once they are available to the participants once they are available. Below you can find a summary: On November 1st , there will be sightseeing activities during the day on various beautiful parts of Istanbul and Turkish culture. On November 2nd and 3 rd , there will be various speaker and workshop activities during the day hosted by IED. On November the third evening, the first part of AGM will commence by IFHOHYP. On November 4th, the second part of AGM will be completed by IFHOHYP, followed by closing activities organized by IED. Arrival: Wednesday, October 31st (after 14:00) Departure: Sunday, November 4 th afternoon (after 14:00). Please inform us if you are only able to participate in some parts of the program (i.e. you will only attend to the IFHOHYP AGM).


Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul can be seen as a bridge between Europe with its western modernity and Asia with the traditional cultures. It is a lively city where you can find and do almost anything you’d like – do lots of shopping, try out the Turkish food and delights at cafes, restaurants and street food, visit the art, history and culture museums, experience the nightclub life… you name it! With a population of 15 million, Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world where Turkish people sometimes even call it chaotic and exciting thanks to its multicultural and lively life at any given time. This city is not enough to explain to describe it in a paragraph, so if your curiosity sparks, please check one of the shortest information about Istanbul from this website: The activities and AGM will be held in Point Hotel Taksim. The details about the hotels are given below: Address: Kocatepe Mahallesi, Topçu Cd. No:2, 34437 Beyoğlu/Istanbul Website:


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